Forest Hill Wine Dinner

Wed 28 August, 6:30pm

Forest Hill is the original “south-west” vineyard, producing incredible wines expressing the regional and varietal characteristics of the cool Mount Baker region of Western Australia. Join us for an exquisite 4 course dinner, matched perfectly to these very special wines. 
Only $109 per person

A 5 star winery. A 10/10 evening.

Wednesday 28 August, 6:30pm
Vaquero Dining
$109 per person

James Halliday rates Forest Hill as a 5 star winery. And with their history and passion of producing incredible wines, it should come as no surprise.

The winery has a unique place in the history of Western Australia’s wine industry, being the first cool climate vineyard planted in the state. Following extensive research throughout the South-West, a site was chosen on the property owned by Tony and Betty Pearce and in 1965 a two hectare vineyard was planted.

50 years on Forest Hill is family owned and run. The wines are crafted in their winery in Denmark with the grapes sourced from the old, dry grown, Forest Hill Vineyard in Mount Barker. They reflect the site, the season and the people that nurture them.

Head Chef Damon Porter has again produced a menu that will perfectly match these award winning wines.

Enjoy an exclusive evening of Forest Hill wines, excellent commentary from the always entertaining Ian from Sam Smith & Sons and something special plated up by Damon.

Only $109 per person.

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In the early 1500s the Spanish arrived in Mexico, bringing with them horses and livestock and the tradition of the “vaquero”: the horseback mounted cattle herder. Legend has it that they only ever dismounted to dance with a pretty girl. They lived simple, honest, hard working lives.

At Vaquero Dining we take influence from the Spanish origin, celebrating a menu design to be shared with friends and family. Simple, elegant plating, ultimate respect for the food we serve, direct from farm to plate. Our charcoal oven ensures that moisture, tenderness and flavour are the three key elements with every dish.


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